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At Seaplane Safaris our number one priority is your safety!

We will absolutely not compromise on your safety, even if it means having to cancel a flight. 


All our pilots have in excess of 13,000 hours experience in commercial operations, both in the Bahamas and worldwide. This is more than eight times the required experience level to become a commercial air transport pilot in the USA!

Our pilots have all spent many years working and training at major international airlines, and have a safety culture ingrained in their day-to-day operations that is second to none.

They are empowered to make safety decisions without bowing to commercial pressures.

Blue Water


Our aircraft are maintained daily to the highest USA FAA standards, and we have a maintenance program at a very respected Florida maintenance facility.

So when you travel with Seaplane Safaris, you can rest assured that we will take care of you, and your loved ones, as much as we do our own family.

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