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Our Team

at Seaplane Safaris


Captain J.P. Roberts

As the founder and CEO of Seaplane Safaris, J.P. has over 25 years experience flying the big jets for well known UK airlines. He has grown up flying and boating in The Bahamas, and has intimate knowledge of the islands and waters. His emphasis on safety and customer service is second to none!

Captain Paul Harding (RET.)

Originally founded by Captain Paul Harding 25 years ago, the concept of floatplane safaris was unique in The Bahamas. Paul gained over 13,000 hours experience operating floatplanes in the Bahamas, and has been instrumental in the creation of Seaplane Safaris.

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Our beautiful aircraft C6-WET is the most photographed aircraft in the Caribbean, and comes with her own band of loyal fans. A real performer, she is the true star of our team, and is definitely better looking than either of us!

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