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at Seaplane Safaris

At Seaplane Safaris, our number one priority is your safety!


We will absolutely not compromise on your safety, even if it means having to cancel a flight. 

Our Pilots

Our pilots possess over 13,000 hours of experience in commercial operations, surpassing the required level to become a commercial air transport pilot in the USA by more than eight times! This extensive experience has been gained from working in The Bahamas and various locations worldwide.

Each of our pilots has dedicated years to training and working at renowned international airlines, honing their skills and expertise. They embody a safety culture that is unparalleled, ingrained in their daily operations.

We empower our pilots to prioritise safety above all else, allowing them to make informed decisions without succumbing to commercial pressures.

Seaplane Safaris: Ensuring Your Safety and Peace of Mind
Our Aircraft: FAA-Compliant and Expertly Maintained for Peak Performance.

Our Aircraft

We adhere to the highest standards set by the USA Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) when it comes to the maintenance of our aircraft. Our rigorous daily maintenance practices ensure that our planes are always in top condition. Additionally, we have partnered with a highly reputable maintenance facility in Florida, known for its excellence in the field.

At Seaplane Safaris, your safety and well-being, along with that of your loved ones, are our utmost priority. We treat our passengers like family and go to great lengths to ensure your peace of mind throughout your journey.

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